Praful Gagrani

Praful Gagrani

Postdoctoral Researcher

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery


Praful Gagrani is a postdoc at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is a member of David Baum’s Origins of Life group at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. He is primarily interested in applying mathematical physics towards building techniques for understanding various aspects of complex systems. His research interests include stochastic population processes, chemical reaction network theory, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, Hamiltonian dynamical systems and mathematical biology. His other hobbies include playing the guitar, singing-songwriting, running, rock climbing, meditation and philosophy.

Praful was born in Mumbai, and has since then lived in Indonesia, Turkey, Kanpur, Pune, New Delhi, Cookeville, Austin, Manhattan (Kansas), Atlanta, San Jose and Madison. He has also spent time in a considerable number of educational insitutes (CV below), and is deeply concerned about the state of global education system. He has however, being an optimist at heart, carefully devised a scheme for raising the bar of global education and research. If you would like to learn more or collaborate, please reach out!

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  • Stochastic population processes
  • Chemical reaction network theory
  • Hamiltonian dynamical systems
  • Mathematical biology
  • PhD in Physics, 2023

    University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • MS in Physics, 2018

    Kansas State University

  • BTech in Engineering Physics, 2015

    Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Thesis Offense in front of Memorial Library at UW-Madison.

Open mic in Memorial Union at UW-Madison.